My responsibilities to you under a written "Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement" are quite clear.

"The Buyer's Agent shall:

(a) Use diligence in its search to locate a property which is acceptable to the Buyer;
(b) Use professional knowledge and skills to assist Buyer to negotiate for the purchase of such property; and
(c) Assist the Buyer throughout the transaction and to represent the Buyer's best interests."

(Excerpted from the New Jersey Association of Realtors® Standard form of Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement.)

Now, I'd like to specifically describe exactly what you can expect from me under a written Buyer Agency Agreement.
  • Locate and introduce to you properties that meet your specific needs--features, price range, neighborhood--whether they are Multiple Listed, Exclusive Listings, or For Sale By Owners
  • Assist you in evaluating financing alternatives
  • Refer you to professionals whose expertise is outside the parameter of mine--mortgage brokers, home inspectors, specialized contractors, home repair experts and attorneys
  • Discuss and help you to evaluate your home choice decisions
  • Prepare a buyer's market analysis on a property you wish you make an offer
  • Prepare and guide you in making your offer
  • Negotiate your offer with the seller and their agent
  • Finalize the terms and completeness of the accepted sales contract
  • Advise you to seek legal counsel
  • Distribute copies of the executed contract to your attorney, mortgage broker, seller and seller's agent
  • Facilitate the three day attorney review period and initiate the mortgage process
  • Coordinate and attend any and all property home inspections
  • Ensure that the seller receives your inspector's findings
  • Review with you negotiating options with respect to possible repairs or credits
  • Facilitate your lender's mortgage appraisal
  • Monitor your loan approval and commitment within the contract time frames
  • Maintain contact with your attorney and mortgage company to ensure your interests are protected
  • Ensure you obtain homeowner's insurance prior to closing and advise you on required changeover of your utilities (telephone, gas, electric, water, sewer, cable)
  • Arrange and conduct a final walk through inspection of the property with you immediately prior to your closing
  • Attend the closing with you to answer any questions that might arise, to protect you from being pressured into last minute agreements or concessions, and generally to support you and your attorney as necessary

If what I have just described meets your image of the real estate agent you want to be working on your behalf, then please call me at (732) 254-6700 X180 or complete the form below so we can get started right away!

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Adler Gast Team
Adler Gast Team