Buyer Plan of Action

Steps The Gast Team takes to find you that special home:

1. Conduct an in-depth interview to determine your needs and wants

2. Assist you in arranging all financing, appraisals and inspections

3. Enter your search criteria into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database.

4. Schedule you, and myself, for instant property match notification to keep us on top of the market.

5. Develop a shopping plan that is right for you

6. Research all For Sale by Owners (FSBO´s) and prospect for new sellers in the neighborhoods you seek to reside in.

7. Preview new properties to determine if there is a match for you.

8. Inform you as new homes come on the market that match your criteria.

9. Schedule and Show properties that you have selected.  

10. Obtain all the information you need to make an offer

11. Write and present the purchase contract.

12. Negotiate the contract as your advocate.

13. Facilitate the completion of all paperwork and send it to your attorney.

14. Call you each week and advise you of the status and answer any questions you may have.

15. Schedule inspections, appraisals and specialists as needed.

16. Facilitate the mortgage approval process.

17. Arrange for a final walkthrough

18. Review closing documents and arrange for the closing at your attorney´s office.

19. Hand you the keys.

20. Once you have purchased I will continue to follow up with you quarterly by phone and email to keep you up to date with market trends.

21. If we have not found you the right home in 1 month, or after 4 appointments, conduct a re-consultation interview to determine changes that have to be made to your search criteria.

Adler Gast Team
Adler Gast Team