Liz, Robert and Rosemary Dodemaide, Pleased Clients

"We are very pleased with our recent townhouse purchase.  From a mere 
thought of buying a second residence for our daughter and a preliminary
web search for suitable properties, we contacted Renee Gast on one of her listings.  She introducted us to Jon Adler, the buyer agent on her team, who took us from thought to sale in a few short weeks.  Jon was very helpful in every possible way - understanding our needs, finding listings to fit those needs, being available whenever I called, patient with my many questions and always cheerful and professional.  Thank you very much for making everything go so smoothly.  Ro loves her new home!"



 Emily and Chen Lin, Job Well Done By Renee Gast     

Renee helped us to buy a wonderful ocean front house as an investment property a few years ago and we really appreciated her help. Therefore when we were thinking about getting a new house for our growing family, we immediately thought of Renee and asked her to help us again. Renee was attentive to our needs and requirements for the new home, which were definitely not easy to satisfy. Renee was also very patient during the long searching process. And at the end we were just so thrilled to be able to find this house that had everything we wanted.Renee was very hard working, responsible and efficient. She always paid attention to our thoughts and represented our interests in the negotiation process. She responded quickly to our questions and concerns all the time and always kept us informed. Closing on the house is always a very stressful process, no matter you are a first or second time buyer. There are always things you cannot foresee. Renee provided us tremendous amount of support during this stressful period of time.
We had worked with some other real estate agents before, but none of them could match Renee's professionalism, diligence and her willingness to help. We will love to work with Renee again if we need to buy or sell house in the future. We highly recommend Renee as a real estate agent.

The Wu Family, Satisfied Clients

It was a real pleasure working with you, you have given us good recommendations, and guidance. And you always make time to be available, we thank you.
And for sure, you will hear from us in the near future.

Best regard,
The Wu family

   Lisa Carbone & Konstantin Mischaikow, Proud Home Owners

It's now a year since we first saw our gorgeous white magnolia tree in full bloom. We are deeply indebted to Renee Gast and her team for introducing us to this wonderful house. Renee and her team listened hard to our needs and requirements for a home, which were not easy to satisfy. We asked Renee to help us find a home that was walking distance to our work, with plenty of space for home offices and guests. We also hoped to have panoramic views from our home, not easy to find in Central New Jersey. In addition, we do not have an unlimited budget and we were not hopeful to find a home that fitted all of our needs. Renee and Jon were very patient and persistent in searching for us, and in listening to our concerns. We were astonished to be introduced to this home which suits all of our needs perfectly. Renee and Jon supported us through the entire process of closing on the house which was stressful for us at times. Another important benefit of working with Renee and Jon was that they have a detailed list of local tradespeople for us to call upon, since our home needed quite a bit of work to make it ready for us. The builders and plumbers that Renee and Jon recommended have become our regular and trustworthy helpers. The ordeal of looking for our home became a dream-come-true for us, and I don't see how we could have achieved this without the magical work of Renee and Jon. With great pleasure I'll be recommending Renee and Jon to my friends and colleagues who are looking to buy a home or investment property.

Gigi and Milad Khalil, Pleased with The Gast Team
(1st Time Buyers)

We want to thank The Gast Team very much as they have done such a great job, especially Jon Adler (Renee's buyer agent).  You helped us find and close on the house that we really liked and we appreciate it very much.  Your assistant, Mark Weinberg, always kept us informed throughout the process. Thanks to All.

Donald Killinger, First Time Home Buyer


Renee and Jon were a super team!  Because I was still 

living and working in New York, getting appointments 

was impossible with other agents; but they were there 

to work around my needs.  As a first-time home buyer, 

I had a lot to learn, but they were patient and helped 

walk me through every step and worked with me to 

negotiate a fair deal on the perfect house.

Joseph Solar, First Time Buyer

"Renee found a house for my family in less than a month, because she listened and cared. Renee referred me to the right mortgage company for fast worry-free service. We were in my house within 30 days." 

Echo He & Tao Jiang, Relocation Buyers

"Thank you very much for helping us find our new home. Relocating to another state was difficult. It was lucky for us to find your website and you. We like you both as a real estate professional and as a person. You work at a high professional standard with patience, consideration, and diligency. We are happy to recommend you to our friends."

Lynette Carrington, First Time Buyer

"Renée listened to me and instinctively designed my personal buying model: price, schools, financing considerations and family lifestyle. We didn't waste time on unacceptable properties. Renée represented me as an "exclusive buyer agent" and streamlined the process. She translated the technical lingo of my mortgage officer and my attorney. She was knowledgeable and supportive throughout the process. As a first-time buyer, my search and closing took place in a short period of time. I highly recommend Renée as a real estate agent."

                                                 Emily & Chen Lin

"We love the ocean and always wanted to have an ocean front house.  Renee helped us to find the perfect ocean front house in Laurence Harbor.  Renee is professional and very knowledgeable about everything regarding house hunting and the buying process.  She is very responsible, hard working, and efficient.  Renee always returned our phone calls and emails with answers to our questions within a short period of time. Renee was very helpful and gave us good advice during the lenghty negotiation process with the seller. We highly reccomend Renee as a real estate agent."

                                         Burt & Flo Stein, Satisfied Buyers

"We are most grateful to Renee!  Her energetic and constant efforts found us the home of our dreams, in record time too.  This beautiful house on a very quiet street, lets us enjoy a lovely park next door and we also have several wonderful neighbors."    

                                           Mike Betlow, Pleased Client

"As a first time home buyer, I had many questions and concerns.  Thankfully I had very helpful Realtors which helped me make a good decision that more than fit my needs.  Thanks for all the help!!"                 

                                Rebecca Davis, Satisfied Buyer                                 Testimonial to Jon Adler, Buyer-Agent on the Renee Gast Team

"The responsivness from the initial contact when I was in the "thinking stage" of buying a home, through the actual process of deciding to move forward with the decision (about a 1 year period) was consistent.  Jon approached my questions with information and no pressure.  He was always ready to give the information I needed to make good informed decisions.  During the purchasing period, all details were tended to and were anticipated ahead of time.  This made my transition a much easier time."

                                                         William Quiones 

"I had an excellent buying experience with Renee Gast.  She really listned to what I had to say and represented my interests in negotiating my offer.  Renee was attentive at all times and responded to my questions throughout the transaction.  Because of her professionalism and attention to detail, my purchase went smoothly.  I would be happy to refer all my friends and associates to Renee." 

                                                Seiko Goto, Buyer

"I am very happy with the service Renee provided for me.  She corresponded very promptly and showed me houses which met all of my criteria.  Consequently, I wound up with a house in just a few days!  I also found Renee's follow up service to be excellent."              

                   Lillian and William Mills, First Time Buyer

"My wife Lillian and I met Renee Gast in late April 2004 when we visited an Open House in our neighborhood.  We had just begun our search for a home to buy in North Brunswick, and did not have a realtor.  The home we viewed was very nice, but for some reason we did not get excited about it.  It was in a great neighborhood with all of the homes on this particular street wonderfully well kept.  Although the house did not excite us ? Mrs. Gast was very impressive.  She did not try to over persuade our interest in that particular house, but instead, she focused on our family, how long we had lived in North Brunswick, our price range, and specifically directed us to two other homes that were in the immediate vicinity.  Before leaving that first meeting Renee gave us her card and indicated that she would be happy to e-mail us home listings as they came on the market.  We gladly accepted.  Within a few days we began receiving listings in North Brunswick, well within our price range.  From that first meeting, Renee displayed the highest degree of courtesy and professionalism.  She took an enormous amount of time showing us several homes a week.  This lasted from early May 2004 until we found the ideal home on a Thursday evening in mid November 2004. 


We had examined at least 40 homes through e-mail and toured 25.  We were slow and deliberate in our home search.  We had some idea of what we wanted, and we knew it was a only a matter of time finding it.  Sometimes, even the most optimistic can get a little doubtful.  We were unsuccessful with a couple of bids, but through our seven-month process, Renee never failed to bring a spirited sense of mission to our home tours.  She has knowledge and experience and can seriously discuss options when it comes to remodeling a home.  When or if she doesn´t know something, she´ll tell you that also.  Her attitude is consistently positive and totally upbeat. 


When we entered "the home" on that November evening, something clicked in our heads and hearts.  Within 5 minutes of entering the house, Renee jokingly said to me while admiring the kitchen cabinetry, "This is your house Bill, can you feel it?"  Not only did we feel it, but after the tour we were eager to put in a bid to purchase what is now "our unbelievable" house.  For a moment we toyed with the idea of going to the office that night to put together an offer, but it was well after 9:00pm so we decided to wait until the next day.  We made an offer the next morning, and within a day or two we received word the sellers had accepted our offer.  It was a true blessing in many ways.  We owe a great deal to Renee, for her tremendous and tireless efforts.  


We are middle-aged professionals, who are extremely fortunate to have met Renee Gast. The patience, care, sensitivity, diligence, and ever positive attitude she displayed during months of searching for our dream home are rare.   Renee Gast sets the standard for how a realtor should be, serving the needs of the client, and how the home buying process should be ? a wonderful experience!  Renee Gast has become a true and valued friend to our family."


Sharon Sayles, Exclusive Buyer Agent Client and
       First Time Homebuyer

My personal experience with Renée Gast ranked far superior than I could have ever imagined.  She very strategically walked me through the very intense process of the Property Search and never allowed me to feel less than knowledgeable. The varied Real Estate guides never quite captured the live performance of the search ? certainly not in the way Renée so graciously walked me through the process.  As we all know, when the gray moments surface and it may appear that our property goals are unattainable (for one simplistic reason or another), Reneé's advice was always genuine and honest.  What I valued the most was Renée's professionalism, diligence and respect for time.  She was aware that my office real estate does not provide the right setting for discussions associated with private deals, and as a result, she took the time to send e-mails and made follow-up calls after business hours.  The moments when I felt tense, she knew how to bring about balance to ultimately succeed.  Renée is unquestionably diverse at all levels.  In summary, the process is one that I will forever remember as favorable.  Renée is truly an ambassador of real estate!"

Kelley Allen and Roy Davies, Purchasers of 2 Properties

"When buying our first house, we took the advice of our mortgage lender and found a reputable Exclusive Buyer's Agent, Renée Gast. Finding Renée was one of the best decisions we made. Not only was she knowledgeable, savvy and fun, Renée was perceptive and experienced in understanding our needs and desires. We'll never forget the day we found our pre-destined house. Despite Renée's heavy schedule that day, she was there for us. She gave us advice on creative financing options for fixer uppers (which we needed to understand in order to feel comfortable with the purchase) and was able to make the transaction go through by convincing the seller and his agent that we were the best buyers for his home. Now we are the proud owners of a 13 room, 110 year-old Victorian home near the water. So thank you so much Renée for making for this wonderful house-buying experience. We had such a blast working with you and will highly recommend you to anyone looking in Middlesex County."

 Ellie and David Bills, First Time Buyers

         "Renée's got a lot of pluck. She is a fighter and was a good complement to us as we (being first time buyers) needed someone who we could trust and who would represent us and act as our advocate in all phases of the home buying process. At the beginning of the process, she adeptly learned what we were looking for in a house and neighborhood. Then she persistently moved things along until we found the 'right' home to buy." 

                 "As home-buying novices, it was comforting and critical to have a knowledgeable real estate agent to guide us through the process and to ask the tough questions to the other parties involved."

Alison and Jose Duarte, 1st Time Buyers

"My husband and I called Renée Gast when we were looking to buy a Condo.  I was 7 months pregnant and we were running out of time and space in our apartment.  She showed us a few different complexes and helped us to make an offer when found the one that was right for us.  Renée helped us every step of the way by recommending companies to contact for our inspection and homeowners insurance. Renée made the entire experience as exciting and stress-free as possible."

Heather Buch, Relocation Buyer from Denmark

"In this seller's housing market, where multiple bidders and high prices are the reality, I as a buyer felt like our family needed a professional ally to help us make the most of our budget, which was not abnormally high. Renee really gave us the professional support and insight that we needed. She was always on top of the market and emailed me houses as quickly as they were listed. If I wanted to see something, I'd call her cell and she'd answer personally almost every time, ready to meet and show us the home that day or the next. This was especially important as we were looking for homes in a desirable town, where they tend to go as quickly as they are listed. In the end, I think Renee really came through for us. Her decisiveness and knowledge helped us to find and purchase a home which truly exceeded our expectations. Oh, and I should mention that she has a great 
personality and is a delight to be around!" 

Reamae Randazzo, Investment Buyer
     "In addition to her general real estate expertise, I found Renée Gast to be most professional and candid.  She was very helpful in terms of understanding our needs for a specific type of property and her willingness to work with our very limited schedule."
     "I would be inclined to call upon Renée for future real estate transactions."

Jayesh and Hema Patel, Buyers

"It was a real pleasure working with Renée Gast. You let her know your expectations, budget and time frame and she will find the house that will fit your needs. Renée found us a house in less than 15 days. We relied on Renée's counselling and advice in the house buying procedure. Renée was with us each step of the way--from contract negotiation, home inspection, appraisal and finally to CLOSING. Thanks, Renée. We are pleased to refer you to our family and friends."

Jenni and Eric Momsen, Exclusive Buyer Agent Clients

"Purchasing your first home is an emotional and sometimes overwhelming experience; we were lucky to have the help of Renée Gast. At each step in the home-buying process, Renée proved an invaluable resource. She talked with us to learn what we hoped to find in a home and then translated that information into almost daily e-mails of newly listed homes that suited our needs. 

Renée was always ready to show us homes that we asked about but we never felt pressured. We truly felt she had our best interests in mind each time she showed us a home. When we did find our home, Renée was there at every junction to ensure a smooth purchase. From the initial bid to closing, we could always contact Renée with any question or concern. We now have the home we'd dreamt of and couldn't be happier."


Yanxin Wang and Wanmin Xie, Buyers

    "We are so pleased that we found Renée Gast to represent us with the purchase of our new home. We had worked with other Realtors previously, but none were as informed and knowledgeable as Renée. She was always available to speak with us and take us to see homes whenever we called. Renée always gave us good advice and we feel so fortunate that we listened and bought the home that we did! During the home search prosess, Renée kept us informed on all new and revised properties that met our needs. She was honest, informative and negotiated hard on our behalf."

Roslyn Nesis

"Renée Gast was a dream agent.  The deal would not have happened if it were not for Renee.  She's not pushy but at the same time she follows through with all the involved parties so that everyone is comfortable going forward.   I was always happy to hear her voice on the other side of the phone."  

Meghan Lau, Buyer
 "Renée Gast was extraordinarily helpful when I purchased my home. I purchased and renovated my home while I was out of the country (she was always there to meet contractors to provide estimates), and she was always willing to help ensure that everything went smoothly. She went beyond what was required of her. I was in a competitive bidding situation and renee guided me so that I could get this property. I would recommend Renee to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home in the area."

Laurie Rudman and Robert Jorissen, Buyers

"Renée had a good sense of the 'kind' of property we were looking for. We were moving from the West Coast to New Jersey and were very impressed with Renée's knowledge of the marketplace. We were very happy we found Renée and her website which was an important tool in helping us look at properties prior to our flying to New Jersey to see them."


Elfrida Gooding, Buyer

"If it wasn't for Renée, I never could have bought my house. I was a single mom with two children on a limited income. Renée guided and helped me each and every step of the way. She located the specialized financing I needed in order to buy my first home. She was with me during the home inspection and assisted me in resolving the home repair issues in order to close title. Thanks, Renée. I'll never forget you."

                                           Maureen ManosBuyer

"I am very thankful that I worked with Renee for my home purchase.  She was very informed about the area I was moving to and also on the current market trends.  Renee worked very hard so I was able to close within 30 days,  I would highly reccomend Renee to anyone buying or selling a home...she is a true professional." 


Yujing Zhao and Chengjun Deng, First Time Buyers

     "We are so thankful for Mrs. Gast, our realty agent, who helped us choose a suitable property and helped us to analyze the benefits and disadvantages of a few properties in Highland Park.  Renée knows the place so well and explained to us the details of various aspects of the houses we were interested in.  With the newly built confidence, we made our final decision to buy our present home.  It is not an easy task at all to close a deal while facing some competitors for the same property.  Renée with her expertise in this business, as well as her enthusiasm, eventually let us realize our dream to be home owners."  

                           Carla Hayes-Siglam and Ishmail Siglam, Buyers

"Working with Renée was a real pleasure.  She is very thorough and professional in her dealings.  She made my husband and I feel that we were her priority.  I've been happily recommending her since."

Adler Gast Team
Adler Gast Team